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Challenging a Will

Irongroup Lawyers solutions: Challenging a Will


Everyone has the right to choose who they leave their assets to. The law also recognises that some people have the right to challenge or dispute a Will.





Not everyone can afford to pay a lawyer up-front — but that shouldn't stop you from contesting or disputing a Will. We can offer to represent you on the basis of no fees being payable unless you succeed. We'll conduct an up-front review of your claim for no fee. If you proceed, and succeed, our fees will be paid from the inheritance you receive. If, after our initial review, we do not believe your claim will succeed and we go no further, no fee is payable.

People usually challenge a Will when they believe:

  • they should have been provided for but have been left out or feel they have not received a large enough share
  • the Willmaker did not have the capacity to understand what they were doing
  • someone may have applied undue influence on the Willmaker when the Will was being prepared
  • the Will is unclear or ambiguous.

Our proven expertise in estate planning, means we can help you understand your rights and achieve the best outcome in a Will dispute or challenge. Visit the Irongroup Lawyers dedicated Challenge a Will website to find out more.