Review for Accountants & Financial Planners
April, 2016

Business has boomed! Now what?

Two minute scenarios...

Your clients have a business succession plan in place. Funding is organised via insurance and a Buy Sell agreement has been executed.

Scenario One... Andrea, Jarrod and Dean

Scenario: These clients have had a very successful year and their business has almost doubled in turnover.

What's the issue? The insurance funding they each have in place, in case one of them dies or suffers a TPD, is now not enough to cover the value of the equity.

Solutions: During the annual review process (or earlier) the Adviser can identify the need for extra insurance and organise to have the policies increased.

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Scenario Two... but what about Dean?

Scenario: Unfortunately Dean has been diagnosed with a heart condition in the last couple of months.

What's the issue? It may now be difficult for him to increase his cover. If he dies or suffers a TPD, and his equity is transferred to Andrea and Jarrod, he (or his estate) may not get enough compensation for his equity.

Solutions: The Adviser had organised forward underwriting, so they should all be able to have their policies increased without the need for additional medical examinations.

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Scenario Three... but we decided not to do that

Scenario: The three partners had decided not to take up the forward underwriting option. They had no idea the business would grow so fast.

What's the issue? Dean has a problem again - he may not get extra cover so may not be properly compensated for his equity.

Solutions: The Buy Sell Agreement can include a clause such that if there is a discrepancy between the insurance received and the equity value, the remaining partners must pay the difference, albeit over time.

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More information for clients

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