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Are you thinking about getting your Will done? Need some help?

Click here for a free copy of our Insight "How to Make a Will".


Are you ready to have your Will prepared?

One of our lawyers can prepare a Will for you for just $660 inc gst.

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Planning how, and to whom, you will leave your estate requires careful consideration.

At Irongroup Lawyers we provide planning advice as part of preparing your Will. We have helped hundreds of people through this process and look forward to helping you too. Whether we meet in our offices or in your home or office via phone or Skype, it's up to you.

In today's more complicated world it's important to ensure that your Will provides the best outcome possible for your family. With our expertise we can make sure you get the right Will, to help achieve that.




Would you like to achieve the following for your beneficiaries?

  • Help them protect their inheritance from bankruptcy?
  • Save tax on future income earned from the inheritence?
  • Have more control over their inheritence in a potential Family Law dispute?
  • Ensure children are older than 18 when they receive their inheritence?
  • Then consider a Will with testamentary trusts... Call us now for an obligation free chat.


    How to Make a Will

    Are you looking to have a Will made? Who will be your executor? Do you need to appoint guardians? Do you know who you are obliged to leave money to? Are you leaving property that have debts owing on them? How do you want that handled? Your superannuation does not automatically become part of your estate - who could receivee your super? For more information click here for a free copy of our Insight "How to Make a Will".

What Type of Will do you have?

Did you know there are two different types of Wills? The first is a Will that passes all of your assets over to beneficiaries in their own name. The second type of Will is one with beneficiary Testamentary Trusts that provide beneficiaries with greater advantages.


To find out more about the right type of Will for you and your family visit our 'Useful materials' page. Here you can download a copy of our Insight: Different Types of Wills and a copy of Insight: Wills & Testamentary Trusts.

Running a family farm? Need help working out your estate? We have solutions to help farming families navigate their way through the sometimes difficult issues associated with their estate planning. For more information download a copy of Insight: Succession Planning and the Family Farm.

Do you or your clients need help challenging a Will? We can help.

Our proven expertise in estate planning, means we can help you understand your rights and achieve the best outcome in a Will dispute or challenge. Visit the Irongroup Lawyers dedicated Challenge a Will website to find out more.

Does your Will need to be reviewed?

Have you recently separated or divorced? Perhaps you have started a new relationship? Or maybe your children are now adults and could act as executor or attorney. Have your assets changed significantly and you want to change the way you leave your estate? Please give us a call to set up an obligation free appointment with a lawyer to discuss your needs. If your Will doesn't need to be changed we will let you know. And there will be no fee. If it does need changing, we will provide a costing before you decide whether to proceed.


Our Solutions: Probate


If you need to apply for a Grant of Probate or to administer a deceased estate as an executor, Irongroup Lawyers can help.

A Grant of Probate is certification by the Supreme Court that a Will has been appropriately executed and is legally binding.

Usually estate assets cannot be distributed until a Grant of Probate is obtained. Once granted, the documents act as proof that the executor has the authority to deal with the estate. The executor can then deal with the estate assets. Irongroup Lawyers can help obtain Probate and can assist with the estate administration if required.

Note: Not all estates need to obtain Probate — it depends on the assets within the estate. Please contact us to ascertain whether or not Probate is needed.


Our Solutions: Estate administration

An executor may request estate administration assistance from Irongroup Lawyers. These fees are paid out of the estate.

For more information download a copy of our Insight: Probate & Estate Administration.